Monday, August 18, 2014

My week on Instagram #24

Een eerste week terug van vakantie, we bleven hier nog even van nagenieten want het was zo fijn! Deze week stond in het teken van vakantie - afkicken, weer terug komen in mijn werkflow, onze mooie shop, uitbreiding van de collectie en heel erg veel zaken opvolgen. Komende week komt onze nieuwe au-pair aan uit Seattle, ga ik een interieurplan presenteren voor een loft in Leiden, zondag even langs Show Up en het eea voorbereiden voor een draaidag voor Eigen Huis & Tuin volgende week. genoeg te doen dus!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wooden Wonderland & Lenneke

Zo blij! Nieuwe voorraad bij Femkeido Shop. En wat voor voorraad! Toen ik net op vakantie was, kwam er een gigantische order van HAY binnen. Met van alles en nog wat. Heel erg veel meubels voor projecten waar ik mee bezig ben in Wassenaar, Amsterdam, Voorschoten en Leiden maar ook super veel leuk en mooie accessoires. Omdat HAY zo ontzettend moois heeft aan te bieden kunnen we helaas niet altijd alles bestellen wat we willen. Bij elke order kiezen we weer iets wat we nog niet hadden. Deze keer kozen we voor veel mooie kussens in bestaande en nieuwe kleuren, we kozen ook iets wat al erg lang op ons lijstje stond: Wooden Wonderland... het is zo simpel maar zo mooi! Een must have voor iedereen die zoekt naar kleur in huis. Natuur kochten we weer Kaleido trays in bekende maar ook in nieuwe kleuren (jade en blue). Nieuwe plissee mappen in fluor geel en zwart/ wit gestreept èn nieuwe gym hooks, die gingen ook erg hard vorige keer. Als klap op de vuurpijl ging Merel vorige week naar Lenneke Wispelwey om een bestelling voor een klant op te halen en nam natuurlijk ook veel moois mee voor de winkel. Hier zie je wat wij nu op voorraad hebben. Ik zou zeggen eat your heart out! 

Photo's by Femkeido

Thursday, August 14, 2014

House of Rym, an addiction?

A new brand at Femkeido Shop, already for a month or so and no surprise that we need to place our second order as the stock is flying out of the shop! Well look at these little quite cups, everyone wants those, right? Soon, we will place a new order so if there is anything you like us order, please let us know! Here you can find our collection!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A post holiday juicy day!

A wonderful holiday with eating healthy most of the time, but also too much wine, French bread and other guilty pleasures, I felt like a day full of juice! Inspired by Rens Kroes' her book Power Food I made 3 different shakes of 500 ml: Green, Pink and Yellow. Ingredients you can find below. Because this was quite a big switch I decided to make a spicey sweet pepper soup from the Voedselzandloper kookboek for dinner, for a change of taste. I felt fresh and happy this morning and the scale laughed at me so I am happy I did it! Recommended to anyone! 
Green shake:
1 lemon, 6 pieces of kale of some spinach, 1/2 cucumber, 6 gr parsley, 1 apple, 1 slice of pineapple
Pink shake:
220 gr strawberries, 75 gr watermelon, 1 orange, 1 lime
Yellow shake:
1/2 lemon, 40 gr fennel, 1 slice of pineapple, 200 ml coconut water, 1 spoon raw honey, 1 cm ginger, 1 teaspoon kurkuma, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Sunday, August 10, 2014

On a summer holiday!

Not much from me lately, I was really busy with doing nothing! Well, apart from sunbathing, swimming, reading, laughing, eating, drinking and running (yes, I ran 8 times this holiday trough the gorgeous French landscapes) I can truly say: It was a more than fantastic holiday in France. To get an impression you only have to look at the photo's. I will blog later about our accommodation but for now I really felt like sharing some nice pics. I am back to work later this week, very exciting because even tough I was relaxing in the French sun there were a lot of things happening behind the scenes with (new) Femkeido Projects and big things coming up for this blog :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My week on Instagram #23

Last week... the last week with our lovely au pair Ava. We will miss her to bits. Ava leaving als brings us closer to the holiday season. Due to a mistake in my diary I need to press 2 weeks in one, a bit stressful and busy but the good is that my holiday starts earlier! As from next week, I will only post MWOI (My week on Instagram) every week, for the rest it will be quieter on the blog. For everyone who is taking a break this summer, Have fun, enjoy the sun, your family and the good life. I will do the same.
Ps: the (web)shop stays open during the holidays. There could be adjusted opening hours, please check our FB page for more details!

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Guggenheim Collection in het Cobra Museum!

I received such a lovely invitation 2 weeks ago. An invition to have dinner in the middle of master art pieces at the Cobra museum in Amstelveen. The last time I visited the Cobra Museum I was probably about 8 years old. I went to an exposition about Karel Appel, I remember it so well as I really liked his paintings.
The occassion was the exposition: The Guggenheim Collection. Never before was the Guggenheim museum so generous to lend out so many cobra pieces from their collection. It was already fantastic to be invited to view the collection but then I heard I was alo going to have a 5 course dinner cooked by michelin star chef Alain Caron. When I arrived we had a guided tour through the collection. This was so interesting, I think I will do a guided tour more often in the future as it gives you so much more information. I was especially impressed by the paintings from Willem De Kooning and Rothko, but the stories behind every single piece are worth hearing. This exposition will be in the Cobra Museum until the 31st of August. Good to combine it with an afternoon shopping in Amstelveen!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

MWOI: Weekend in the woods

Today, not my week on Instagram but my WEEKEND on Instagram. This weekend we (just Ben and I, no kids) stayed in a gorgeous cottage in the woods near the town of Apeldoorn. For more info about where we stayed: 
Everthing was perfect this weekend: the cottage is very well decorated and I like that :), the breakfast was fab and the beds good for sleeping in. We spent Friday afternoon in town, we ran through the beautiful woods. We had a great dinner outside in the garden at the Echoput, we went to the spa in Emst (Veluwse Bron) in the evening we watched the quarter finals at friends closeby. I am so so happy that we won, so more to come! Today we visisted Paleis 't Loo for the Grace Kelly exhibition and zoefff home to the kids, because how wonderful it all was, I missed them! X

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tas-ka: a new collection!

The new (prints) collection from designers duo Tas-ka is a joy to blog about! You've already had a sneak preview, if you followed us during the give away week. Lisanne van de Klift won the Snowpuppe/ Tas-ka lamp and is very happpy with it, check it out here! Ever since they started together, I 've been a huge fan. As a "prints" person the prints they created were appealing to me. Every time they are busy with a new collection, we are excited to see what comes out of it! We drop by their studio every now and then and Jantien is living in Delft, so we see her in the shop every now and then. I really LOVE their new collection! I will tell what's so good about it. When designers create something new, it has to "grow" on you, it's different, other types of prints and colours then what you see around a lot etc etc. I really like the fact that Tas-ka works with primaire colours. And what about the coörporation with Studio Snowpuppe, great that they teamed up together. They also decided to design wallpaper, this soon will be available through as well, like the rest of their new collection

Photo's are made by 

Monday, June 30, 2014

My week on Instagram #21

A week with photoshoots, shopday, Flexa and more football (YESSS, we are through to the quarter finals!!) and parties. This Monday everything seems a bit more difficult... I should be in Paris right now but due to strikes of the railway people in Belgium, we couldn't get there. We are postponing to September. I will then go twice that Month as I will also be also visiting the Maison & Objet. The good thing is that I have 3 empty days in my dairy this week where I can catch up on a lot of work. Tomorrow I will spend a day shopping with my mum though, but still doubting to go to Arnhem or Den Bosch. I am happy to hear your idea's and tips for these towns! Happy week

Friday, June 27, 2014

Flexa: exciting projects coming up!

1,5 years ago Flexa asked me to become one of they colour advisors together with 5 other stylists. After trainings and workshops in their colour experience center I have been working for Flexa on several occassions. I visit clients to give advise about colour in their homes, workshops and soon I will be present in the Flexa Creations House of Colours, a pop-up store on the van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam. Follow the live feed for more details. Don't forget to make photo's on your wall and share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by using #WatMijnMurenVertellen and win cool prizes!
Happy Weekend! X

Sunday, June 22, 2014

My "orange" week on Instagram

For those who know me, or those who have been following me on Instagram last week, know or seen that I have a big orange soccer heart. I am a soccer lover since 1988, when van Basten, Gullit and the rest of the team brought the cup home from Germany. I like the emotion and nostalgia around big tournaments but also the parties and the solidarity. Maybe it is also because I have built up great memories over the years. Like in '98 when the world championship was held in France and I lived in Paris. The night that France beat Brazil in the final must have been one of the/ my most impressive nights ever. There were never been so many people on the streets since the 2nd world war was finished and we partied until the early hours together with our new French "friends". 2004 is also one not soon to be forgotten. I lived in London then and we watched and celebrated the matches with a large group of Dutch people. Don't we all remember how van der Sar stopped 2 penalties against Sweden and we made it to the half finals? The years afterwards were a bit more quiet (my kids were born just before the tournament in 2008 and 2010) It didn't make 2010 less special as that was ofcourse OUR final, which we lost.... This year feels as a come back year for us as Dutch team and for us celebrating. The kids are a bit bigger and love it all as well, the first match we watched with friends from school and on Wednesday with the same group but with all the kids as well. Amazing atmosphere and we are through to the next round! So more to come! I love it! #huphollandhup

Friday, June 20, 2014

Femkeido Projects: A villa near Rotterdam

My first appointment for this project was in October last year. The building was truly impressive to start with: A beautiful villa built in the 70's by an architect who built this house for his own family. The space has at some points 5 meter high ceilings and windows. Absolutely: wow!! My clients bought this house a few years ago and made quite some changes together with an architect. They extended a large part of the house to create a very comfortable home for themselves and their 2 children. They invited me as they felt it wasn't finished yet. I created an extensive plan for them from colour to final styling and everything in between. I decided to order a very long sofa for them as the space really needs large furniture. A large recoloured carpet, some round tables and a Christien Meidertsma ottoman on it. I advised them to paint a wall dark grey in the kitchen to make it more cosy, to paste woods wallpaper on one of the 5 meter high walls, to dres the windows with voiles. New dining chairs from HAY and I did all the styling from cushions to vases. It has been finished now for a while but I didn't have the time to make photo's. The owners are really happy with the result and I am as well :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

My week on Instagram #19

A week of sunshine, beach, healthy food, a lot of fish, an amazing Dutch soccer match and 2 proposals have been accepted for new interior projects. It was a very good week!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Femkeido Projects: Restyling a house in Rotterdam

I am so behind on sharing projects with you. This is one I presented to my clients (a family with 2 kids) already a while ago. They live in a beautiful area on the outskirts of Rotterdam. They live in this newly built house since 2009 and did quite some work in it then but now it is time to replace and add some furniture to the kitchen en living room. At the moment we are busy with painting walls, getting the furniture together and buying accessoiries. Once we are further in this project, I will share more with you! What do you think of the mood and colourscheme? Cushions, tables and ottoman through

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Giveaway week on Instagram

Today a wrap up of the giveaways you can still enter! What a crazy week it was! Next week a "normal" MWOI! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

EXTRA: Give Away Day #8 Voedselzandloper Kookboek van Pauline!

De Laatste dag! Deze Give Away kwam er last minute bij. Naar aanleiding van deze blogpost over mijn gezonde maand raakten heel erg veel mensen geinspireerd om het Voedsel Zandloper boek aan te schaffen. Pauline van Uit Pauline's keuken en ik dachten toen dat het leuk zou zijn om op de laatste dag een gesigneerd expemplaar weg te geven. Bij deze dus!  Om deel te nemen vragen wij je een comment achter te laten hieronder, de de Facebook Pagina van Uit Pauline's keuken te liken en de actie te delen op Instagram. Ons liken op Facebook is natuurlijk ook geweldig, maar veel van jullie hebben dat al gedaan ;)  Zondag 15 juni maken wij op de Femkeido Facebook pagina de winnaar bekend!

Bovenste foto via Kiwi en zo 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Give Away Day #7 Mae Engelgeer Teatowel from her NEW Flock collection

Het is alweer dag nummer 7! Dit zou eigenlijk de afsluiter zijn, zij het niet dat we morgen nog een toegift hebben, maar daar dus morgen meer over. Dit is weer zo'n paretlje. Inmiddels hoeven wij denk ik niet meer uit te leggen wie textielontwerpster Mae Engelgeer is (haar naam staat zelfs op de cover van de nieuwe Elle Decoration!!). Zij ontwerpt prachtige dekens, plaids, shawls en table wear. Van Mae mogen wij een theedoek uit haar nieuwe Flock collectie weggeven! Om deel te nemen vragen wij je een comment achter te laten hieronder, de Facebook pagina van Mae Engelgeer te liken en de actie te delen op Instagram. Ons liken op Facebook is natuurlijk ook geweldig, maar veel van jullie hebben dat al gedaan ;)  Zaterdag 14 juni maken wij op de Femkeido Facebook pagina de winnaar bekend! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Give Away Day #6 Donna Wilson bordje Vos

Het is alweer dag 6 van onze give away week. Gelukkig duurt deze onverwacht 8 dagen omdat er nog een superleuke samenwerking bij is gekomen, waardoor we t/m zondag door kunnen gaan! Vandaag geven we een Donna Wilson bordje uit Femkeido Shop weg. Om deel te nemen vragen wij je een comment achter te laten hieronder, de Femkeido Shop Facebook pagina te liken (als je dat nog niet hebt gedaan) het bericht te delen en (als je op Instagram zit) de foto op Instagram delen op je feed met de #femkeidogiveaway. Vrijdag 13 juni maken wij op de Femkeido Facebook pagina de winnaar bekend! Tot die tijd kan je mee doen!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Give Away Day #5 A Moth Lamp from the new Tas-ka collection!

Op dag nummer 5 hebben we een heel speciale give away! Deze mag je echt niet missen! Van onze fijne en talentvolle leveranciers Tas-ka en Snowpuppe mogen wij een moth lamp weggeven die gemaakt is van een print van de nieuwe Tas-ka collectie! Om deel te nemen vragen wij je een comment achter te laten hieronder, de Facebook pagina van Tas-ka en die van Snowpuppe te liken en de Femkeido Shop Facebook pagina te liken (bij het delen van de actie maak je dubbel kans!) donderdag 12 juni maken wij op de Femkeido Facebook pagina de winnaar bekend! Volg je ons nog niet op Instagram? Eat your heart out! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Give Away Day #4 HAY office set!

Op dag nummer 4 geven wij een office setje van onze favoriet HAY weg! Wij geven een multomap en een pennenbak weg van powder coated steel t.w.v. € 50,-. Om deel te nemen vragen wij je een comment achter te laten hieronder, onze Pinterest account te volgen, de Femkeido Shop Facebook pagina te liken (bij het delen van de actie maak je dubbel kans!) woensdag 11 juni maken wij op de Femkeido Facebook pagina de winnaar bekend!